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From the Shore.
For the Shore.

Over 100 Years of Dedicated Legal Service to the Eastern Shore and Virginia.

Why Work With Us?

Mapp, Mapp & Klein team

The Mapp, Mapp & Klein Law Firm was started in Keller, VA in the early 1900s and has been serving citizens of the Eastern Shore for over 110 years.

Our Partner, Wayne Williams, is an Eastern Shore native who brings local knowledge to the practice and is experienced and familiar with the courts, people and local authorities – unlike most other law firms in the area. In addition, your case will be handled directly by our attorneys from the beginning to the end.

Our Core Values
Personal — Aggressive — Compassionate
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We Listen

In most cases, one of our attorneys will meet with you at no charge to discuss your situation.
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We Plan

After you’ve retained MM&K, we gather the team members required to develop the strategies for your issue.

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We Execute

Every step of the way, you are an essential part of the team and kept informed.

Put Our Team’s Experience on Your Side

With over 100 years in business, we are a team you can trust.

Recent Resource Articles

T. Wayne Williams shares his wealth of knowledge through our free blog.