Criminal Defense Attorney Sacramento

Criminal Defense Attorney Sacramento

If you were charged with a crime, you may be terrified and stressed. Criminal charges are serious, and you need to make sure you vigorously defend your innocence. If you get convicted of a crime, you could face harsh penalties, including fines, jail sentences, community service, probation, and more. Furthermore, you will have a criminal conviction on your record. The best choice is to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney in Sacramento.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Sacramento?

Many people choose to defend themselves against criminal charges. This is not always the best option. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Sacramento understands the law and will always do everything possible to defend the charges and protect your rights. Regardless of whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, a defense lawyer will guide the process and take steps to get you the best possible results in your case.

Benefits of Criminal Defense

A criminal defense attorney in Sacramento will help you in many ways. When you were charged with a crime, you will have a hearing, also called a first appearance or arraignment. During the arraignment, the judge will give you the official charges, ask how you plead, and set bail. Your lawyer will work to reduce or eliminate some of the charges and try to obtain the lowest bail possible so you can go home before your next hearing. Your attorney will work tirelessly to review your case and find the best way to defend the charges. In some cases, your attorney might be able to negotiate a plea deal for lesser charges. If the case goes to trial, your lawyer will prepare and present your defense.

How Does the Criminal Prosecution Process Work?

First, you will be arraigned and provided with the exact charges. You must enter a plea, which is typically “not guilty.” The judge will set bail, which may allow you to go free until your next hearing or trial. Your attorney will work to get you released with little or no bail when possible. There will be various hearings when the prosecutor and your attorney discuss evidence and other issues in the case. If the evidence was not obtained lawfully, your attorney would request that it not be used in the case. If that happens, they may drop your case entirely. Many cases resolve with a plea deal. In this situation, the judge will accept a guilty plea to a lesser charge, which may be in your best interest.

Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Sacramento

There is no doubt that when you hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer, you will likely get a better outcome in your case. Criminal penalties are severe, and a conviction will stay on your permanent record. You can get the best results when you choose an attorney with expertise handling complex criminal cases. At Brennan Defense, we have the skills and training to obtain successful results. Contact our legal office today to schedule an initial consultation.

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