Houston Workplace Injury

Houston Workplace Injury

Many companies take a great deal of pride in the amount of time they go without having a workplace accident. However, there can always come a time when a worker will get injured, and it puts that number back to zero once again. What happens if the benefits or additional compensation they need for getting hurt at work is not there? This can take a toll on their lives and livelihood, which is why it is often best to look for a good Houston workplace injury lawyer that you can trust.

When Do I Need a Lawyer for Workplace Injury?

There are rare occasions where you might be able to deal with a work injury claim by yourself. However, when you find yourself seriously hurt at work, there are several reasons to think about hiring a reputable Houston workplace injury attorney, including:

  1. You May Need Long-Term or Permanent Assistance from Disability – It is devastating to find out that you have endured an injury that makes you unable to keep going at your job. It might be required that you have to take on light duty or not be able to work at all. You must get the right amount of benefits to cover whatever income you would be losing, so talking with a lawyer will help ensure nothing gets missed along the way.
  2. Workers Compensation is Often Complicated – The laws that govern a workplace injury claim can be difficult for a worker to navigate. There is only a limited amount of time for filing a claim, and the process can be overwhelming. Because of these factors, hiring a lawyer for your case is often the best route to take.
  3. Your Workers Comp Might Not Cover All Losses – While a minor work injury may have losses that have slight medical bills, there could always be a situation that calls for larger payments for lost wages and medical bills that begin to add up. If you are seriously injured at your workplace, this may mean astronomical losses that are not fully covered by workers’ compensation.
  4. There Could Be a Third-Party Claim – Did you know that workers comp is known as a no-fault system? You will not have to prove that your place of employment is at fault to get the benefits you need. However, you will usually have to forfeit your suing ability once you accept the worker’s compensation benefits offered. However, if the injury is due to third-party negligence, you might be able to get total compensation while filing a personal injury claim.

These and other factors make it important that you look for a Houston workplace injury attorney to take your case. Should you be injured on the job, having the right professional on your side with experience can make a world of difference in your outcome and how the process moves along. Here at Lassiter Law Firm, we talk with clients every day, looking for the representation they deserve. If you have been injured and are unsure where to turn, give us a call here for a free consultation at (713) 521-0104.